Pharmacy | Adair County Health System


The pharmacy department at 最近比较火的正规赌博软件 supplies and distributes medications throughout the hospital, emergency room, clinics, ambulance service, and specialty clinics.


To provide all aspects of pharmaceutical care, including clinical and distributive tasks, for patients served by 最近比较火的正规赌博软件. The pharmacy staff at 最近比较火的正规赌博软件 is an involved member of the health care team to help patients and staff achieve clinical outcomes and monitor progress toward common goals.


The pharmacists review all medication orders for accuracy, medication, food and allergy interactions, adverse events and desired therapeutic outcomes. Additionally, the pharmacist is available to patients throughout their stay to answer medication related questions and go over medications with them.


The on-site Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), off-site tele-pharmacists and Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) work together to ensure the safe delivery of medication to all patients. The pharmacists are clinically trained and work in collaboration with the medical team to provide top of the line care to patients.